How to Clean an Electric Skillet, Step By Step Guide

When it comes to cooking, there are new and innovative ways that seem to emerge on a daily basis. Once upon a time, people relied on outdoor fires to cook. Today, we have indoor cooking stoves, gas, and electric cookers.

In the same light, we have developed more effective tools to enable us to cook. Thanks to significant advances in electricity use, new and better cooking technologies have emerged, like the electric skillet.

The electric skillet is a highly advanced piece of kitchen equipment that will not only cook your food but do so effectively. Using the electric skillet has allowed me to explore the culinary arts further.

As great as an electric skillet is, it won’t be effective without the proper care. With proper care, your skillet will work properly and be with you for a long time.

Steps to Cleaning Your Electric Skillet

Cleaning your electric skillet has never been easier than with these six steps. It doesn’t require any special effort of requiring special substances.

  • Make sure the skillet is cool

When you finish using your electric skillet, then you should allow it to cool down a bit before you open it. Many people are in the habit of trying to do things quickly and may want to wash the skillet immediately after use.

Your electric skillet has no concept of how much time has passed and will not be in a hurry, so you simply have to wait it out.

Also, electric skillets don’t take too kindly to water and detergent when they are still hot.

So, washing your electric skillet while it is hot will not only be a bad idea, but it can also cause permanent damage. It is best simply to wait for the skillet to cool down before you proceed to clean.

  • Unplug the power cord

All-electric skillets have a power cord that enables them to use electricity. Mixing electricity and water is not just a bad idea, it is also a recipe for disaster and hazards are never far away.

Remove the power cord from both the wall socket and the electric skillet.

After disconnecting, wait a while especially if the skillet isn’t yet at room temperature. As long as the power cord isn’t connected to electricity, you can clean it without any risks.

  • Protect the connector

When it comes to cleaning the electric skillet, you will need to be very careful. The part of the skillet that connects to the power cord doesn’t like water and you will need to keep water away from it.

If you have help from another party, you can navigate it easily. One party will keep the connector covered while the other washes the rest of the electric skillet. If there is no one to help you, then you can consider wrapping the connector in plastic or any other water-repellent material.

Once you do this, you can wash the skillet without worrying too much about water entering the connector.

  • Wash the skillet

With the delicate parts covered up, you can proceed to wash the electric skillet without any fears. Hot or warm water is best suited to cleaning an electric skillet. Make a mixture of hot or warm water with dish soap and put the skillet in it. Allow it to soak in the mixture while all tough stains and burns weaken.

After soaking for a while, use a nylon sponge to wash the skillet and remove all residues still stuck to it. After you’re done washing, rinse it properly to reveal the current state of the electric skillet.

If there are still any residues left, then you can try repeating the process to eliminate them.

  • Dry out the skillet

As soon as you’re done washing the skillet, you will need to dry it. Use a dry cloth to run over the skillet and collect any water residue on it.

Leaving the skillet to dry out on its own can cause the material to deteriorate especially if it is of the non-stick variety. Drying it out manually before storing is the best option.

Practices to Avoid when it Comes to Electric Skillets

  • Whatever you do, you need to ensure water comes in contact with the connector. Some people don’t bother washing the part where the connector is located to achieve this. If that helps you prevent water from getting into the connector, then do it.
  • Most people add cleaning agents to the water when washing an electric skillet. Cleaning agents are not advisable to use as the chemicals making them up are harmful to the non-stick material of the skillet. If you want to do the same, you should make sure the chosen cleaning agent doesn’t contain chlorine or ammonia.
  • When you’re washing your electric skillet, steer clear of abrasive tools. Iron sponges and other coarse materials may seem necessary when some particles are seeming too strong to eliminate. You however shouldn’t do this as it could damage the non-stick material of the skillet. To be on the safe side, only use soft cleaning materials. There are better and more effective ways of handling stubborn materials stuck to the skillet.
  • You don’t have to wait till your electric skillet is looking too dirty before you wash or clean it. You can cultivate the habit of washing it after each use, which can help to ensure your electric skillet lasts longer.
  • Don’t use a dishwasher to wash your electric skillet or risk damaging it. Not all electric skillets are dishwasher friendly, so, you should confirm before putting yours in. The lid and any other washable detachable part may however dishwasher friendly.

Practices you should Employ with Electric Skillets

  • While you should protect the connector of the skillet from water, the same cannot be said for the lid. The lid can and should be washed, you can even use dishwater to this end. For this reason, you are not advised to submerge an electric skillet when you’re washing it.
  • Plastic and silicone spatulas are the best to use when it comes to cooking with an electric skillet. Firstly, mixing electricity and metal is never a good idea as hazards can occur. Secondly, metal spatulas can damage the skillet or at the very least, scratch it.
  • To help with cleaning the electric skillet, you can boil water using the skillet. This will allow any stubborn sticking particles to soften and come off easily. You can also add a little soap into the water and use this to wash out the skillet once the water cools down.
  • You can use a mix of vinegar and baking soda to remove tough and persistent residues as well. The mixture should be allowed to sit for about 20 minutes before washing it off. Baking soda and vinegar therapy is the most popular choice when it comes to dealing with electric skillets. Depending on the kind of care you want your electric skillet to have, you can use this method at regular intervals.

Benefits of Using an Electric Skillet

Many people may still wonder what makes an electric skillet special and why there’s so much fuss about it. Thankfully there are so many things that set the electric skillet apart and are reasons why you should get one in your home.

Even heating

If you’ve ever cooked a meal only to discover that parts of your meal are undercooked, then you will love this.

Electric skillets are designed with the appropriate technology to ensure that all meals cooked in them are balanced.

The heat is spread evenly throughout ensuring your food is cooked properly. No more will you have to endure eating a meal with disparity despite having cooked it properly. The electric skillet spreads the heat across the entire pan, ensuring the entire meal is cooked properly.

More room for food

If you’re used to cooking with a regular pot or a normal skillet, then you might wonder if you can cook as much food on an electric skillet. The good news is that you can cook just as much and a lot more with an electric skillet.

Smaller-sized electric skillets are known to have more space than big pots and normal skillets.

This makes the electric skillet perfect if you are preparing a meal for a large group of people. So, if you have plans to host a family gathering anytime soon, an electric skillet may be a perfect choice.

Greater temperature control

There are a number of meals that require that your cooking temperature is at a specific temperature which can be difficult to do with normal methods. If you’ve ever attempted to follow a professional recipe, this is a common feature with some instructions.

The electric skillet takes this into account and allows you to cook your meals at the temperatures you desire.

You can adjust the knob to your desired temperature depending on what you’re cooking. You no longer have to worry about doing guesswork or manually trying to achieve your temperature goals.

It can help you multitask

One of the biggest issues we face when it comes to cooking is the fact that it demands so much attention. Thanks to the temperature controls, you can establish the time needed to cook a particular meal.

This will give you the necessary time to do other tasks that fall in the available window before you need to check up on your meal. No more burning the chicken whilst you’re cutting up tomatoes or slicing up vegetables while your sauce burns.

With an electric skillet, there is less chance of you burning your food, as you have a greater degree of control.

You don’t have to worry about a hot kitchen

The temperature required when cooking certain meals is high and with other cooking methods, this will be transferred to the kitchen as well. Add this with the weather come summer and your kitchen can be your least favourite place.

The electric skillet is built with this in mind and reduces the stress by keeping the heat it generates contained.

Rather than heat up your kitchen, the heat is trapped in the skillet and is used up while preparing your meal. Only after you are done, does the residual heat escape the skillet.

Electric skillets are multipurpose

When it comes to cooking, multipurpose devices can be the best thing to happen to you. Imagine having an all-in-one cooking appliance where you can get everything done.

Well, with an electric skillet, you’ll be as close as you can get to this dream.

Whether you’re trying to bake, deep fry, marinate, or slow cook your meal, the electric skillet can do it all. So, you don’t need to have many appliances lying around your kitchen especially when you don’t get to use them regularly.

It keeps food warm

Some meals are best served hot and this isn’t always feasible, as food will begin to cool as soon as you turn off the heat. Electric skillets are built to help maintain the temperature and heat in your food even after you’re done cooking.

Some electric skillets are even equipped with warm trays that allow the food to stay hot a while after the heat is turned off. This having to reheat an entire meal simply because something came up and you couldn’t eat immediately.

You can simply leave your food in the warm tray, attend to other business and serve a hot meal, without any added stress.

It is easy to clean

Electric skillets are made from a non-stick material that helps prevent food from sticking to them while you’re cooking. This also makes things a lot easier for you when it comes to cleaning the dishes.

Since there will be little or no food particles stuck to the skillet it becomes easier. If you do have particles that manage to stick to your skillet, don’t panic. Simply follow the instructions and you’d be rid of them without having to ruin the skillet.

The electric skillet is a great kitchen appliance and anyone who loves cooking should have one. With care being an important part of how long an appliance will last, cleaning an electric skillet is important.

Do not use the common techniques you may be familiar with from normal pots and pans, or risk damaging the electric skillet. Clean properly, regularly, and enjoy your electric skillet for a long time.