Insinkerator 46AS Waste Disposal Unit

Food waste disposal units are now very common in many homes as they are ecofriendly, easy to use, and are a quick means of disposing of food wastes. There are various types and qualities of food waste disposers on the market today.

Also, there are different sizes and so, depending on whether you are single and do not cook much, you do not have enough space in your kitchen, or you have a large household, and so, you have more food wastes, you can purchase a disposer that suits your needs perfectly.

The InSinkErator model 46AS food waste disposer is an entry-level model that is designed for small households and individuals. Even though it is small, the waste disposer has some awesome features, as waste disposers produced by the USA COMPANY, InSinkErator, are an ideal choice for your kitchen.

The Model 46AS offers a practical food waste disposal solution, and you get a two-year warranty for purchasing this model. 

Key features and benefits.

  • The food waste disposer makes use of a 1-stage grind technology for finely grinding waste materials into easily disposable material.
  • It has a stainless steel grind chamber (980ml), and its stainless steel superior grinding elements handle all waste.
  • The waste disposer has a basic noise operation.
  • The device has a built-in air switch accessory for easy usage and makes use of a continuous feed of 0.55 HP.
  • The model 46AS also makes use of a wall switch operation for turning it on/off.  
  • It comes with two years parts and labour warranty.
  • The model has a high-torque Dura-Drive induction motor. 
  • Its product dimensions are 15.9 X 15.9 X 31.8 cm.
  • The item’s weight is 3.5kg.
  • Its time rating is intermittent, and it has permanently lubricated upper and lower bearings.
  • The device has a shipping weight of approximately 7.7 kg, and its overall height is 39mm.
  • The average water usage of the disposer is approximately 4.0L per person per day.
  • It has an average electricity usage of 3-4 kWh per annum, and its drain connection is 1-1/2” (3.81cm).

InSinkErator is a company known for producing solid waste disposal units of different sizes. The model 46AS is a small model that is perfect for people who do not have many kitchen activities. The disposer is easy to use, and you can use your hands to feed in the food scraps as there are no blades in the disposer.

Instead, its grinding elements are made of stainless steel that facilitates the breakdown of waste materials. Once you feed the waste into the disposer, it would grind it into fine particles that can pass effortlessly through your plumbing system to wastewater treatment without clogging it.

It breaks down food with the aid of its 1-stage grind system. 


  • The waste disposal unit is very affordable, even for those who are not so financially buoyant.
  • It is lightweight enough for you to install or replace it by yourself.
  • Using the device is an easy and safe process.
  • It is environmentally friendly and saves your kitchen from smelling of decomposed food.
  • The model 46AS grinds a wide range of different food wastes.


  • It can be somewhat noisy compared to other InSinkErator models.
  • It is not recommended that you dispose of stringy and fibrous items using the disposer.

The InSinkErator Model 46AS comes with a built-in air switch accessory for easy installation and added convenience. You do not need to hire anyone’s services to install this device as you can easily install it by yourself if you follow the instructions in its manual carefully.

Before installing the unit, make sure that your sink corresponds to the size of the waste disposer so that you can avoid spillages. Also, its grind chambers have a capacity of 980ml, which is adequate since it is produced with small households in mind. It can grind a variety of food waste, including vegetable scraps, bones, etc. However, stringy and fibrous food wastes are not recommended.

The food waste disposer has a basic noise-level operation. This means that while it may not be as quiet as some other InSinkErator models, it is not all that noisy either. Also, the device is quick and easy to install, and its compact size enables it to fit underneath even the smallest sinks.

Overfilling this disposer isn’t an issue as it has an overload protection feature, which ensures that you can only put in a suitable amount of waste into the 980ml capacity grind chamber. 

If you decide to get a food disposal unit for your home, you should make sure that the one you are buying has fantastic features. For a small waste disposal unit, the InSinkErator has enough features to make it worth its price, and it is sturdy enough to last you for many years.