Teka Mill For Grinding Waste

Food disposers are a vital addition to any home as they help you dispose food waste products in a hygienic, fast and efficient way. The Teka mill for grinding wastes is a food waste disposal unit that effectively grinds unrecyclable waste products into fine, liquid-like particles that will pass through your main drain without clogging it.

The wastes are then moved to water treatment. Food wastes can continuously be added during the grinding process as it provides a continuous feed operation of 0.55HP. It carries a lifetime warranty against failure due to corrosion and also comes with a strainer basket and drain accessories.

The lightweight and compact design enable fast installation and it features a torque master grinding system that increases its life span. The device is suitable for small households as it has a chamber capacity of 980ml.

Key features and benefits.

  • The device has a stainless steel design, and it has an anti-corrosive protection.
  • It has a powerful 0 .55 HP motor.
  • It has a Schuko plug included.
  • It comes with an air switch with the required size hole being 35mm.
  • It has a plastic stopper included.
  • It comes with anti-corrosion protection.
  • It has removable splash guard ideal for easy cleaning and replacement.
  • It has a crushing chamber of 980ml.
  • It has stainless steel grinding components.
  • It comes with two years warranty.
  • The device has a product height of 318 mm, a product width of 173 mm, a product depth of 173 mm and a net weight of 7 kg to 8 kg.
  • The device has product dimensions of 20 X17.7 X 31.8 cm.
  • It has a power supply of 220 V-230 V/ 50 Hz and makes use of a current of 3 A.

The Teka 40197020 Mill for grinding waste is effective when used correctly. It grinds down all sizes of food in no time at all with its slow speed, 1/2 horsepower motor. The set includes a remote switch that prevents you from retrieving it to be switched on or off and the food compartments are easy to clean.

Unlike some mills for grinding that need countertop installation, this mill can be installed in sinks up to 20mm thick! We know you`ll enjoy how quickly and efficiently the Teka 40197020 will do the job of eliminating garbage in your kitchen without compromising on.

Waste disposers help you to break down food wastes without constituting a nuisance to the environment. The Teka 40197020 has features that make it a functional waste disposer for many households. Installing the disposer does not take much effort, and you can install it all by yourself by following the manufacturer’s guide.

Ensure that the sink’s size corresponds to that of the waste disposer you can avoid spillages. Also, replacing the device is an easy and straight forward process, and you can do it by yourself without any professional help.


  • It is very affordable, and so, you can purchase it even if you are on a tight budget.
  • The unit is super easy to install, and you can install it in no time on your own.
  • It is easy to use as it comes with an air switch.
  • It is hygienic as it enables you to get rid of wastes that will stink up your kitchen.
  • It is environmentally friendly since the wastes will not get to the landfill, but will instead be diverted to wastewater treatment.


  • It can be somewhat noisy when it is working, but the noise is manageable.

The device is well protected against corrosion as it makes use of a stainless steel design that enhances its anti-corrosive properties plus it is made with anticorrosive properties. The device also comes with an air switch with which you can conveniently turn it on without having to reach for a wall switch.

The air switch makes the process of using the disposer a straightforward one, and it also enables you to operate the food waste disposer with wet hands without any dangers. To make use of a disposer, all you have to do is open your tap, press the air switch to turn on the disposer, feed your food waste materials inside the unit and wait for it to grind them within seconds.

Allow the tap to run for a few more seconds so that the disposal is cleaned. All the waste that is disposed of in this manner would pass through your drain without clogging your pipes and would be diverted to wastewater treatment. Although the device produces some noise when you feed waste into it and it begins to grind it, the sound is bearable, and you can still carry out conversations easily.

The disposal unit is very durable and will last for a long time if you use it properly. Many users claim that the device lasts them for more than ten years and even up to 15 years. Cleaning the Teka 40197020 mill is an easy process that is aided by its removable splash guard. As such, you can clean the disposal from time to time without any stress.

The Teka 40197020 waste disposal mill comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty that will enable you to get a replacement of any parts of the device that goes bad. Owning this device will save you a lot of stress. First, you would not need to take out the garbage every day as you will be able to use the disposal to dispose of most of it.

Also, your kitchen will be more hygienic as the smells that result from decomposed food waste will be eliminated.