Wastemaid Waste Disposal Unit Review

The importance of waste disposal units in many homes cannot be overemphasized. Regardless of how well you plan your meal before preparing it, it is inevitable that there will be leftovers which you will need to dispose of.

Food disposers are an efficient, eco-friendly, and fast solution to the proper disposal of food wastes. The Wastemaid economy waste disposer is a waste disposer that effectively grinds unrecyclable waste into fine, liquid-like particles that will pass through your main drain without clogging your pipes.

Not only is this better for the environment, but it saves a lot of time. Overall, this food waste disposer is a great one for you to have in your home.

Key features and benefits.

  • The Wastemaid Elite features ‘Speed Master Mounting’ that makes its installation an easy process.
  • It is compact and lightweight, a feature that allows inclusion where limited under counter space is available.
  • It has an item weight of 4.26kg and product dimensions of 18 X 18 X 42 cm.
  • It is corrosion proof.
  • It comes with a removable splash guard ideal for easy cleaning and replacement.
  • It comes with a bio shield for odour protection.
  • It makes use of a torque master advanced grinding system.
  • It also makes use of stainless steel grinding components that help to prevent corrosion.
  • It comes with a one year guarantee.
  • It has an attached finer cord (50cm lighter) with UK 3- pin plug (13amp).
  • It has a motor speed of (RPM); 2600RPM and makes use of a voltage of 220-240 volts.

It is inevitable that anytime you prepare food or eat, there will be scraps of leftover foods ranging from crumbs of the food to bones. While most of these leftovers are usually scraped into bins, you’ll have to bear the burden of emptying the bins at regular intervals, so it doesn’t stink up your kitchen.

Aside from this, you may forget to scrap the contents of your plates into the bin from time to time. If this happens, the waste could easily clog your drain, and then you will be left with the task of having to unclog the drain. You can purchase the Wastemaid elite to help you get rid of these problems as it has many features that make it a serviceable food waste disposer. 


  • The waste disposer is very affordable, and so, you can easily purchase it.
  • It is ultra slim and lightweight, meaning that you can easily install it anywhere, even in very small spaces.
  • It is easy and fast to install or replace if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • It is easy and straightforward to use.
  • It is environmentally friendly as unrecyclable wastes are ground into fine particles that will freely pass through your drain.
  • It has a bio shield protection against odour that helps to leave your kitchen odour free.
  • It saves you from having to deal with blocked drains that result from stuffing wastes that are too big to pass through your sink in it.
  • The food waste disposer can fit all sinks with a standard 90mm waste hole.


  • It can be noisy compared to some other waste disposers on the market.
  • It has limited food waste disposal capacity.

A good benefit of the disposer is that it allows you to continuously add food wastes to it during the grinding process as it has a continuous feed operation of 0.5HP. Its chamber capacity of 980ml also enables you to feed in a sizable amount of wastes.

Again, it includes a bio shield for odour protection, and it is treated with antimicrobial agents that help to prevent the growth of bacteria. The device is able to grind a good number of various waste products effectively, and it makes use of steel grinding elements to fortify it against corrosion.

The lightweight and compact design of the Wastemaid Elite 1580 features Speed Master Mounting, a system exclusive to the brand that enables its fast installation. This lightweight and compact nature of the waste disposer allows you install it by yourself without help and also allows you to install it in areas with limited space.

Before you begin the installation of the device, ensure that you consult the manufacturer’s guide and follow it carefully.

The waste disposer is very durable and features a torque master grinding system that helps to increase its life span. Using this device to dispose of food wastes as opposed to dumping these wastes in your bin, from where they’ll eventually get to the landfill, helps to protect the environment. Besides, it will save you a lot of time and effort.

The Wastemaid Elite economy kitchen waste disposal unit is a great buy, and based on the testimonies of many users; you can be sure that you’ll be using this waste disposer for many years to come.